Compare: Buying vs Leasing a New Mazda

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Buying vs Leasing - Mazda of Olympia Explains the Difference

Found a new Mazda model that interests you? Then the next step is to figure out how you will pay for it. There are two financial options for you to consider: you can either buy your vehicle or lease it. Knowing the difference will help you make a decision that is most suitable for you, so we provided information on each approach below. Read the pros and cons, and when you are ready to make your decision, we hope to see you at the Mazda of Olympia finance center to complete the deal!

Pros & Cons of Buying a New Mazda

Those who buy a new Mazda are expected to pay the total negotiated price. Car buyers rarely pay the whole amount up-front and prefer instead to finance their vehicle by getting an auto loan from a lender such as a bank. This enables one to pay in increments over an extended period of time. 

Due to interest rates, the monthly payments for a new car loan tend to be higher. However, once the final payment is processed, the new Mazda car or SUV in question will be yours to keep. As the sole owner, you have the freedom to make modifications as you see fit, drive without worry of exceeding a mileage cap, and can trade or sell it at any point. Ultimately, you can save more in the long-term.

Pros & Cons Leasing a New Mazda

Those who lease a new Mazda can look forward to lower monthly payments. This is because leasing a car is in many ways a "trial period" for drivers and lasts for only a few years. Under a lease agreement, you are obligated to maintain the condition of your new Mazda car or SUV according to our dealership's standards. 

That means staying on top of maintenance regularly and driving beneath a pre-determined mileage range. Those who fail to meet these requirements upon returning their model may be subject to penalty fees. Once your lease contract ends, you can return your leased vehicle in exchange for yet another or finish paying it off to claim it as your own.

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The Bottom Line

The key difference between buying and leasing a new Mazda comes down to ownership status. With the former route, you are establishing yourself as the titleholder. With the latter, the dealership remains in possession of the vehicle. You can save more overall or in the immediate depending on which you pick.

Speak with Our Advisors to Discuss Your Financing Options

We know that navigating automotive finances alone is challenging. Fortunately, you have the full support of a professional team of financial officers. Contact or visit the Mazda of Olympia Finance Center, and you can receive one-on-one guidance from our experts. With our team assisting you throughout the process, you can select the financial plan that works best for your individual needs.

You are welcome to get started on your Mazda finances right away by submitting a credit application through our site today.


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