2018 Mazda Miata

858 × 449Since 1990 Mazda has been producing the Miata. The 2018 Miata is the finest version yet. Weighing in at 2,300 lbs. and having 155 Hp, the power to weight ratio is impressive, and the super smooth and precise six-speed manual transmission, makes this car very fun to drive, top up or down.

There isn't a better fun-per-dollar performance car on the market that delivers the Miata's magic. After a long winter's nap, the MX-5 will revive your senses the first spring day you drop the top and hit the curvy roads.

The steering is very responsive and crisp, and the suspension is stiff, but hey, this is a sports car in every aspect. That being said, there are some great features sometimes not found on sports cars like navigation, touch screen audio controls, and side view mirrors with blind spot recognition. Bluetooth audio streaming through a premium sound system makes the ride even better.

The Grand Touring model comes with heated leather seats, automatic climate control, and heated exterior mirrors.

Spring is just around the corner and begs for top down driving fun. Get down to Mazda of Olympia and get behind the wheel of this very popular sports car and see what Mazda innovation, performance, and craftsmanship is all about. Give us a call and set-up a test drive today.
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