The Lincoln Way App

591 × 388Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own personnel concierge service for your car on your phone? The Lincoln Way app is just that. This latest technology from Lincoln puts a dashboard of services and features at your fingertips.

Service and Convenience

When it comes time to service your Lincoln, this app can help you schedule your appointment, and arrange pick-up and delivery. It also will help you locate dealerships if you are out of town and in need of service.  The concierge service allows you to connect with a live agent that can assist you with things like roadside assistance, and functions of your vehicle.

On those cold mornings, the Lincoln Way App can even lock and unlock your car, start your engine and can schedule vehicle start times. It also allows you to check your cars vital signs and get vehicle health alerts.


Once underway the app also includes an interactive map helps you find, reserve and pay for parking, all with the touch of a button, then pin your parking spot so you can find your car.

This app is just one more bit of technology offered by Lincoln, along side Revel Audio, Sync3, and heads-up dashboard display. Contact us at Mazda of Olympia... we would love to show you all the modern technology Lincoln has to offer, including the very convenient and innovative Lincoln Way App.

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