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The Mazda Immobilization System is an anti-theft precaution that prevents the vehicle from starting when the wrong key is inserted. This feature has a multi-level benefit. First it is a major deterrent to potential car thieves; second, several insurance companies require this type of system that has self-activated or automatic activated anti-theft devices, and lastly it can save you money.

When the wrong key is inserted or “hotwiring” is attempted, the Mazda Immobilization System shuts down the car’s control module rendering the car virtually dead. The only way to re-activate is with an exclusive registered key. Only after the valid key is inserted will the car come to life. The system is automatically activated when the proper key is turned to the LOCK or AC position.

If you have had problems with car theft either at home, near your place of business, or near entertainment venues you enjoy, don’t compromise on your car security. Get the car that plays possum. Get a new Mazda.

We invite you to stop by Lincoln and Mazda of Olympia and see how this system works and test drive the Mazda of your choice.

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